Dennis’s Blog for 2009

I always like reading Dennis Howlett’s blog. He has a way of cutting through the noise and getting close to the real issues. His latest is no exception. His comment around testing and SAP is interesting. I both agree and disagree. Testing of change will never disappear – so I agree there. Corporate Governance has a long way to go before there is an option not to test change. But it can get easier and cheaper to do and that is where SAP is heading so don’t totally dismiss the new options that SAP are offering within their suite of products.

IT project failures also get mentioned – IT projects don’t fail. Projects fail. IT has nothing to do with it – how they are run and managed has everything to do with it. IT can often become the scapegoat of poor management – a place to house the blame. Today a good IT operation must have a high payload of able project and programme managers, and most importantly it must not forget the role of change management which has nothing to do with technology but everything to do with success.

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