A prediction or a fairy-tale?

I  came upon this prediction (amongst others) for 2009.


“HP and SAP Announce Merger

In a hastily convened conference call, HP CEO Mark Hurd (HPQ) and SAP CEO Henning Kagermann (SAP) announce the merger of HP and SAP. The new company unites two giants and HP hands SAP free reign to push forward its middleware (Netweaver) and SaaS midmarket (BusinessByDesign – BBD) initiatives. SAP gives HP an enterprise applications and services business that finally crowns HP’s enterprise capabilities. Mark Hurd remains CEO as SAP’s CEO Kagermann joins the HP board and co-CEO Leo Apotheker is named COO of HP. The combined SAP-HP entity puts considerable margin pressure on IBM.”

Only a couple of thoughts on this – firstly interesting that a software company that originally emerged from IBM then joins IBM’s chief rival to compete against it, and secondly is there any smoke without a fire?

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