It’s time to collaborate!

Everywhere you look there are suggestions that things have never been so bad and you know what?  It doesn’t have to be that way! The thing that seems to have disappeared everywhere is trust.  Everyone is retreating behind self imposed walls and now everything has risk – corporate governance has kicked into overdrive. The dilemma though is that very little goes forward without an element of risk.

Working together carries an element of risk. Because any partner you work with will not be yours to control, there are risks that they may not do what you want or do it the way you want. But total control brings with it a total lack of differentiation and differentiation is what makes organisations better than the one next door. Trust has to cover that off and it only happens by talking, sharing and working together.  Working together brings a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities for all parties involved and then that brings solutions that deliver benefits for all parties, and you know what? – a better place for everyone.

I obviously know that SAP and SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network) are working together and this approach is exactly what is on the agenda but it is difficult because this is still a relatively new group. So its unsurprising that we’re going through the Tuckman Stages – we’ve done Forming, Storming and are gradually moving from Norming to Performing.  The size of the challenge here shouldn’t be underestimated – firstly there are cultural groups from all over the globe, secondly there are large numbers struggling (but impressively well) with a second language , thirdly there are some big ego’s involved and lastly there is the traditional challenge of vendor vs customer. What I have been impressed with is how the relationships are developing and how the pace and quality is improving. 

Personally I would predict some great win/win outcomes of this group as long as everyone is prepared to be bold, be flexible and take some risks.

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