SAP and IBM – databases.

I’ll say straight at the outset here that I’m biased. I’ve been brought up on IBM machines from the days of the system 36’s, system 38’s , AS400’s, i-series, to the system-i’s. Some of the most reliable pieces of kit I’ve ever come across. There’s a great story from the States of an i-series that went through total water submersion following floods associated with a hurricane. When the water subsided and the data centre facilities were operational, the machine was dried out using hair driers and came up first time of asking at IPL. Now that is impressive!. Equally impressive is the work that IBM have been doing with SAP and the database that comes with their machines.

Quietly behind the scenes IBM and SAP at their specialist competency centre have been tuning DB2 to be a specialist SAP database.  The use of DB2 has several advantages, I can testify to its flexibility in as much as it is possible to have logical partitions which mean optimal usage of your hardware and the ability to house multiple instances on single machines within a single operating system. Secondly the management of the database is nearly fully automated so you can always tell DB2 users by the missing DB analysts!!

Interestingly SAP have chose DB2 themselves now and i would expect that we’ll see more and more SAP customers using this database.

(PS – I do not earn commission from IBM!!!)

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