Tesco are struggling ??????

Today Tesco released it’s latest trading statement which the press has said were “the worst since the 1980s depression”.  Hang on though – didn’t they say sales were up 2.5% on last year in the UK and 11.6% up globally?  I may not be a mathematics lecturer, but hang on , every year Tesco sales have increased since the 1980’s so how can a statement like that be right? As I see it Tesco delivered a profit of 2.8 billion pounds last year so at the moment with an increase in sales they continue to deliver that or £7.8M per day and probably better.   Plus they’ve also announced plans to create another 10,ooo jobs.

Doesn’t sound too bad to me!!

So what on earth are the press on about?  They seems to be a morbid fascination about all things bad and sad – even to the extent of turning pretty good to bad!

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