Supporting User Groups

I thought I would echo the thoughts of colleagues of mine from Australia. The new chairman of the Australian User Group is Grahame Reynolds and he is spot on when he talks about growth. Grahame is a great guy who has a passion for his User group.

This is the time to support your User groups and not back away from them. It’s by having a critical mass that the benefits of influence and value really start to kick in. Ours continues to grow each year. It grows in the main by word of mouth of the value that it brings, so if you’re reading this and are based in the UK and use SAP but are not a member join up now.  Apart from joining the group we’re also on the look out for volunteers who want to give something back to the user group, so if you want to be involved in organising, or want to share your unique knowledge contact the user group on 08707706664.

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