SAP Press Conference – Comments from Henning Kagermann and Leo Apotheker

A synopsis of some comments from Henning and Leo at their press conference

  • Significant Ecconomic conditions are driving companies to revise their strategy or even delay strategy decisions
  • Good performance despite difficult times
  • Now 82,000 customers
  • 2008 a good year with Business Objects integrated well and contributing well
  • Public Sector growth countering difficulties in other sectors
  • But need to look at last quarter showing only 8% growth compared to much better growth in previous quarters
  • Business by design is now operating in 5 countries and SAP are the only company to develop not just a new product but a new business model – SAP are the first company to develop a new product like this.
  • Customer Satisfaction is now at the highest level achieved.
  • Quotes Forrester as IT spend to reduce by 3% this year
  • Enterprise Support was developed at the request of our customers and we are seeing Customer acknowledgement of the value, the price will be what it is within the industry
  • Trust and confidence at this time is the most sought after commodity.
  • All staff will have a salary freeze for this year on the fixed elements – bonus targets related to performance will be paid.
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