SAP runs licence checks?

As you’d expect there has been a lot of reporting today on SAPs results. I particularly like the piece from ZDNet today entitled “SAP posts healthy results, but will shed 3,000 jobs ” – obviously not about the shedding of jobs but about some of the content of the discussion about SAP increasing its revenue by clamping down on licence usage.  This is based on comments from Gartner. But what becomes more interesting is the last statement .

“SAP is not alone in this,” Payne said. “Oracle and other software companies are going through the same process of auditing and customers notice when their software runs slower as it is being checked.”

Well I can’t ignore this and need to put my experience of this area to print:

  • As all IT departments know businesses in most cases do not maintain an open line to their SAP system for SAP access(there are a few companies who have a special arrangement but these are few relative to the customer base). When SAP come onto the system it is by the permission of the client with the line being opened and good practice is to switch on transaction tracking to ensure that the visitor only goes where it is agreed.
  • Licence Audits from SAP are not new – they have happened for years.
  • The real fun comes if you discover that new roles and users are incorrectly set up.
  • The process is initiated by the customer by a standard SAP transaction and the data submitted to SAP.
  • The amount of system resource consumed is minuscule in comparison to the main business transactions and business reporting.

So as far as SAP running unauthorised licence audits – that is not the case and slowing of system resource has nothing to do with licence audits!!!!

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