iPhone – not for SAP!

One of the interesting things to come out of the SAP press session yesterday was a chorus of CIO’s basically saying that the iPhone was not for business. Leo Apotheker echoed that for SAP as well declaring his Blackberry as the business tool of choice – referring to the iPhone as a “toy”.

I can’t agree more!


2 Responses

  1. I completely disagree, the blackberry must be the most overrated device created. Your emails don’t sync properly, blackberry servers keep falling over and the display is a joke.
    This is probably why companies like SAP are starting to struggle. As more companies look to diversify, SAP sucks up to Microsoft and Blackberry seemingly unaware that they are both being replaced by cheaper and smarter companies.
    Come’on Google, please save us from thisSAP, Vista, Blackberry hell!!

  2. I guess its down to personal experience but from a corporate perspective, blackberry apps allow things like 5250 emulation on IBM platformsand the ability to remotely “kill” any blackberry that has been lost and stolen. Mechanically as well among senior executives the fact that the keyboard exists as the entry mechanism and not the touch screen seems to please users. And finally it isn’t as easy to walk out the door with stacks of company data, another corporate perspective.

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