SAP and other vendors lock out the 3rd Party option?

Tonight Twitter is alive with debate about changes software vendors are making in their maintenance contracts. It would appear that new clauses have been inserted that try to force customers out of the option of 3rd party maintenance. Now I haven’t seen these contracts but it seems that across the piece the larger vendors are all behaving the same.  If this is true, and I’ve no reason to doubt the sources, then this surely must be considered as not the right thing to do to  impress customers!!!

I liken it to me buying a new Ford car and it’s recommended that I use Ford approved agents to service it or the 3 year warranty is invalid. I’m not forced to go to Ford but I know the consequences of that up front, but I still get the choice. Imagine the position if I could only go to Ford agents!! Ford wouldn’t sell many cars.

The other issue is competition, in an open market competition is there to ensure that prices are moderated and a fair reflection on the value received. Without competition then essentially the market dries up, innovation dies and more often than not a new market emerges to replace it.

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