What is it about the fascination with SaaS?

Today there is yet another articlebased on the debate between “traditional computing”, “cloud computing” and Saas. Again the press is reviewing the performance of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft with the new band of brothers Salesforce.com, Netsuite and Workday. This time the target in their sites is well and truly SAP. 

At this point I should make it very clear that I’m independent of SAP, very independent (ask them!).

But all this shouting and screaming that SaaS is the future – well it’s starting to get a bit tedious.  Show me the big organisations in the mainstream sectors that are running all their business processes or at least the majority of them through SaaS!

I don’t know of many, if any (apart perhaps from the providers of Saas but then really, you could argue they are just the same as their non-cloud competitors, and just happen to be sharing some of their infrastructure with others!).

The article I refer to above marks out SAP as being complacent, what you should be wary about is mistaking cool, calculating,  planning and strategy for complacency  – actually, knowing SAP as I do, if I was in the SaaS providers shoes I would be getting a little bit nervous about SAP’s approach to this area.

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