So what is it to be…XP, Vista or Windows 7?

Today our dear friends at Microsoft let it be known that exiting XP was something we should all be doing urgently.  Yeah right!! At this present time I have oodles of money just slushing around requiring me to:

1) Buy more licences

2) Update a lot of my client hardware

3) Replace lots of my peripherals

4) Change lots of my applications.

Hmm…….perhaps not! I suspect we’re about to see the consumers leading the market in this area for the first time in a while and not the other way around.  So why do I say that – well here’s my view of the influences.

From a business point of view ; firstly businesses are strapped for cash so cost avoidance is the game, secondly disruption within the workplace at this time floats like a brick, and thirdly businesses are focusing on processes which means application software not operating software. According to the article highlighted above 71% of business PC’s are running XP still so big market and unlikely to change.

From a retailing point of view;  the retail market is somewhat in decline and whereas the purchase of hardware with Windows bundled has pushed the usage of new operating systems before – that stops that route of acceptance as well.

From a new applications software point of view; there was the traditional faster hardware requirements for software – which as I already noted in an earlier post is actually going the other way with software not keeping up so no driver there.

So add the three together and what do you get? Was that something large and pink flying by……………….?

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