New independent study shows SAP in top place for ERP satisfaction

A new study today has SAP coming out top against all ERP vendors in terms of ERP satisfaction. SAP scored 73%, Oracle 62%, Microsoft 69% and tier II providers 70%.  However all is not as straightforward as it appears (it never is!). If you were looking at cost and time to implement you would leap at the Tier II providers as they are significantly ( and I mean significantly ) better value. However over that hovers the big cloud of risk – the business risk with Tier II is higher with SAP rated the lowest.

Overall this survey has some very interesting data within it – but some things, in my view, come out to challenge the whole ERP software and implementation industry. Given the fact that best score on business risk is 50% (SAP) for an ERP implementation there is a lot to go at in terms of improvement. Add to this an average implementation time of  19.8 months (SAP 20 months) and there is work to be done!!

So all you software vendors and implementers out there – it’s time to up your game!!

Link to topline results here.

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