Big names move forward with SAP activities


Despite uncertain times two big corporations have continued and even accelerated their Business Process change through their SAP investments. Both Proctor and Gamble and Unilever have publicly stated that they are strengthening their operations. In the case of Unilever £960 million savings in the last year are attributed in part to the standardisation program underway through use of its SAP platform. P&G were less specific about the savings but noted they were stepping up a gear in the savings and efficiency improvement program as a result of a new Enterprise agreement with SAP.

So clearly value is being created for the “mega” companies who operate in a very close partnership with SAP – these being the 100 or so that enjoy a very different relationship with the vendor to the other 40,000 or so. The challenge is for the same benefits to be made available to the newcomers and small customers.

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