Changes in SAP America

Two announcements from SAP America yesterday that both change and add new roles. Firstly Rob Enslin becomes President SAP North America and perhaps the most interesting one; the appointment of Robert C. Cresanti as vice president of Government Relations.

Over the past few days there has been discussion around the battle for the military within the US, in terms of software. This appears to be lining up between the usual two suspects of SAP and Oracle. 

Robert C. Cresanti is a former Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology, where he headed the Technology Administration (TA) and served as chief privacy officer for the Department of Commerce. Cresanti co-chaired the Committee on Technology and the Interagency Working Group on Manufacturing R&D within the President’s National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). He also represented the Commerce Department on the President’s ID Theft Task Force.

Having a man who knows his way around on the inside is clearly an advantage for SAP!

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