IBM and SAP collaborate in the Cloud

Yesterday at CeBIT IBM and SAPdemonstrated some of the value of operating in the Cloud environment. Utilising IBM’s Power6 environment they demonstrated the ability to transfer processing power from machine to machine and commented that this could even be used on data centres, switching them of when not required.

The use of Power 6 is something I’m very familiar with. For years I was involved with the use of IBM mid-range servers AS400s which then became i-series and then became system-i. As they changed their names they also changed their processors and the capability increased dramatically. Today they are a far cry from the original system 36’s that they originated from. In fact they have the same processing capability of the IBM mainframes that were. Coupled to this came the ability to run logical partitions thus enabling machines within machines. In fact in my last involvement a single 595 running at half the 64 possible processors was running 6 instances of SAP ECC 5.o, with a combined 5000 users. In addition the machines are able to run multiple operating systems in different partitions so you could be running OS400 in one and AIX in another. Fully webserver capable they also run the Java stacks of either IBM or SAP.

Very reliable pieces of kit – I’ve commented before on them so I won’t revist that argument!

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