IE8 not yet suitable for SAP

Microsoft’s latest browser IE8 is undergoing tests by SAP – at this time SAP advises that SAP users should not be using this version. In fact a significant number of ERP solution vendors including those on cloud apps are stating don’t use this browser just yet. A blogger on Microsofts developer network has left this message:

 “NetSuite does not work with IE8 period. Please have someone get an account,log onto the website and try the JavaScript drop-down boxes anywhere on the site – they stay open and never close. Please fix this. NetSuite is used by a lot of people (including me).”

A research company also claims that some 15% of  web based applications will fail due to a security feature included in IE8 known as DEP/NX.

Oracle also maintains that because IE8 changes the way it renders pages its e-business suite will be effected.

So firstly make sure nobody except your testing teams are working with the beta version and secondly prepare to prevent the download of the official version when it is released. All this until you have received confirmation from your vendors that it works and you have tested all your web solutions.


I have downloaded IE8 and can report that whilst it has some interesting new features, there seem to be a large number of websites that exhibit issues whilst using it. It does have a compatibility feature to overcome some of the issues but it doesn’t always work, in addition I have had quite a few occasions where the version fails to respond.

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