New Blog about SAP Enterprise Support….

After a period of silence, SAP Enterprise Support has surfaced again…..this timefrom an SAP Mentor, Dennis Howlett. In his blog, published on ZDNet he examines the issues around the introduction of Enterprise Support and the linkage to SAP Solution manager and RunSAP. 

Dennis also passes comments on the SAP drive to force certification upon all those involved in the SAP world. My view on this is probably the same as many others. The drive by SAP on certification is a long term aim to reduce the number of failures in the SAP implementation world – nothing wrong with that. But then I would compare it with driving a car, yes I have passed my driving test and have a licence but that doesn’t stop me crashing my car. So I know how to do something, but that doesn’t make me good at it! So getting certification in the form that it exists today doesn’t guarantee success; what is needed is a two phase test and real live experience certification to get closer to what is needed.

First, understand the product and prove it, secondly understand the implementation and change process and last then prove that you can deliver both for real….successfully!! So, if you like, a blend of theoretical/academic and also vocational skills.

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