UG Conference 2009 – Manchester 23/24 November – update

Today, along with members of the UG executive, I visited and reviewed the Conference facilities for the 2009 conference . This year it will be held at Manchester Central. This is the relatively new name for the conference facilities that most people probably remember as GMEX.  These are modern custom designed facilities which will enhance the whole conference experience that we provide. The SAP User Group will be taking over the entire facility for the duration of the conference which promises to be better than anything we have done before. It includes a custom built auditorium which guarantees everyone can both hear and see the keynote speakers. Aligned to this is a much larger exhibition space giving us the opportunity to house more than 70 exhibitors.  Probably the best facilities we have ever used for the conference. 

The Custom Auditoriun

The Custom Auditorium

By going to Manchester we have been able to guarantee prices are equal to or lower than last year as we are very mindful of cost constraints that the current economic climate places on organisations. Keep an eye on the UG Website as shortly you will be able to see how you can beat last years tremendous value and cost. For this reason we expect demand to be high when our registration site starts up. So two things to remember – book early to make sure you secure your places, and book early to take advantage of the early special rate deals.

For those that were there last year, you will know the great value the conference delivered, but for those that are wondering whether to attend and are not sure whether to take advantage of the great deals that will be there for early bookings then watch the video here to get a flavour and hear what others say.

This year along with normal focus of SAP Business Suite, we plan to be including SAP Business Objects as a stream and exhibitors focus, along with SAP Business One so the product coverage will be further extended. Also planned are a CIO Forum on day 1 and a focus on Strategy on Day 2.

So more in the package with a price that’s either the same or lower than last year if you book early – which satisfies our criteria of giving our membership more value each year.

The bigger exhibition area

The bigger exhibition area

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