Enterprise Support – a “better place” (with no apologies to Shai)

Well, after 10 months ,of sometimes difficult debate, a sensible and pragmatic solution has been created. Value and performance will deliver SAP price rises for maintenance. And at the same time along with the previously announced extension of product life the time to reach the 22% price is extended to 2015.

Along the way, amidst the angst and sometimes very difficult debates both sides have learnt much better how to work with each other and also to better understand the challenges of both being a supplier and being a customer. This has developed into a very professional relationship where now everyone knows the way to work together. Nobody should be under any illusion about how challenging that has been but everyone should marvel at the success of it.

We have combined 12 international user groups who whilst maintaining their own national independence have broken down the barriers of language and time to work with a truly global player and deliver a consensus outcome. The great organisation of the United Nations would be jealous of this achievement.

The other significant thing that both parties have done is to bring a challenge to the rest of the software industry. Let’s see if they are brave enough to pick it up…….

SAP Enterprise Support – good news…..at last

Today in a joint announcement SAP and SUGEN announced progress on both the KPI front and also the pricing of SAP Enterprise Support.


Conference 2009 Website – now taking bookings…

Go to the SAPUSERS conference website  for 2009 and grab those recession busting earlybird rates before they are all snapped up. The site went live yesterday and the first person secured their place only 20 minutes after receiving their conference notification so make sure you don’t miss out.

The big four are split……….

Folowing the acquisition of Sun by Oracle the big four (MISO) are now split – two of them IBM and Oracle now operate in the hardware and software zone, and two now operate in the software only zone. The missing name in the equation is now HP.

So the question now remains what are HP going to do? They have hardware only – IBM and Oracle both have databases as well as hardware. So what next? Are we about to see HP. SAP and Microsoft talking together?

What is for certain is that we are in interesting times, when consolidation is both likely, and somewhat easier given the tough economic times generating nervousness at legislative levels. Time will tell – but keeping a track on the movements of the corporate heads would sure be interesting at the moment!

Noise about Vendor behaviours

It would seem that the bloggers and analysts are combining to consider vendor behaviour. This week the antics of MISO ( a Dennis Howlett term for Microsoft, IBM , SAP and Oracle) are being debated. Dennis Howlett, Ray Wang, Michael Krigsman and Michael Hickins all share the stage as they discuss the tactics of the big four with their customers.

Dennis Howlett “Enterprise vendors: in pursuit of reality

Michael Hickins “SAP, Oracle Abusing Customer Relationships

Michael Krigsman”Ugly enterprise software sales tactics

with Ray often being quoted in the articles.

Shai Agassi – speaking about a moral dilemma

I’ve already written about the work that Shai Agassi (formerly of SAP) has been undertaking. Check out a further chance to hear him explain why we only have a few options for our planet. It’s a moral dilemma that we should all be addressing..

Update: 3 years on and all has not gone as well as Shai hoped.

Read this article for the Better Place.



A round up of SAP stories for the second week of April.

This week’s significant SAP news items see a wide range of topics.  The legal battle of SAP vs Waste Management continues with each side blaming each other for slow progress in resolving the dispute.

This week SQL Server 2008  was certified for SAP Business Suite 7 and Netweaver. Some interesting facts and figures in this article.

This week SAP Business Objects Edge BI enhancements were announced , and at the same time SAP also revealed that it would start selling the product direct to customers as well as it being available via the current partner network.

South West One, a consortium of organisations, revealed that one of its members Somerset County Council had published a letter to employees that whilst noting it had been highly successful, its SAP implementation had a few teething problems.

An interesting article looks at the differences between SUGMENA (SAP User Group Middle East and North Africa)and the Oracle equivalent. It goes on to consider what drives the differences and discusses the challenges of alignment to the software vendors.

A round up of SAP reports this week……..

During this first week of April we’ve seen a story noting SAP raising 660 million euros (a pretty good result given the state of the market!).

There’s also been reports of a press conference from the French SAP User Group (USF) where the Chairman of USF talked about Enterprise Support.

Enterprise Support also raised its head in the guise of alleged delays of KPI’s promised earlier in the year ( I am on the record for saying that this will not be an easy process – simply put nobody has ever done this before, and it needs to be right!).

Another news item discussed the trials and tribulations of SOA and quoted the approach by SAP, whilst another recounted the experiences of an SAP employee recently made redundant.

But April 1st bought out two great April fools day stories, the french user group featured in one of them (it’s in French but if you can’t understand it get on Google Translate) and the second was a very imaginative development on an iphone. Great to see despite all the woes of the world that people can still have a sense of humour.