A round up of SAP reports this week……..

During this first week of April we’ve seen a story noting SAP raising 660 million euros (a pretty good result given the state of the market!).

There’s also been reports of a press conference from the French SAP User Group (USF) where the Chairman of USF talked about Enterprise Support.

Enterprise Support also raised its head in the guise of alleged delays of KPI’s promised earlier in the year ( I am on the record for saying that this will not be an easy process – simply put nobody has ever done this before, and it needs to be right!).

Another news item discussed the trials and tribulations of SOA and quoted the approach by SAP, whilst another recounted the experiences of an SAP employee recently made redundant.

But April 1st bought out two great April fools day stories, the french user group featured in one of them (it’s in French but if you can’t understand it get on Google Translate) and the second was a very imaginative development on an iphone. Great to see despite all the woes of the world that people can still have a sense of humour.

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