Noise about Vendor behaviours

It would seem that the bloggers and analysts are combining to consider vendor behaviour. This week the antics of MISO ( a Dennis Howlett term for Microsoft, IBM , SAP and Oracle) are being debated. Dennis Howlett, Ray Wang, Michael Krigsman and Michael Hickins all share the stage as they discuss the tactics of the big four with their customers.

Dennis Howlett “Enterprise vendors: in pursuit of reality

Michael Hickins “SAP, Oracle Abusing Customer Relationships

Michael Krigsman”Ugly enterprise software sales tactics

with Ray often being quoted in the articles.


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  1. Hi Alan,

    SAP (and to an extent the other large vendors) has taken a bit of battering during the last year over its maintenance policy, sales tactics etc. Despite offering its clients millions in benefits each year it seems strangely quiet when it comes defending itself.

    I don’t have any business dealings with SAP but I’ve blogged a response, “SAP and annual maintenance – a defence”, on the maintenance issue.

    Seven questions keep being asked and I’ve given my take on each of them.

    Your comments are very welcome, you will find the blog at


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