Enterprise Support – a “better place” (with no apologies to Shai)

Well, after 10 months ,of sometimes difficult debate, a sensible and pragmatic solution has been created. Value and performance will deliver SAP price rises for maintenance. And at the same time along with the previously announced extension of product life the time to reach the 22% price is extended to 2015.

Along the way, amidst the angst and sometimes very difficult debates both sides have learnt much better how to work with each other and also to better understand the challenges of both being a supplier and being a customer. This has developed into a very professional relationship where now everyone knows the way to work together. Nobody should be under any illusion about how challenging that has been but everyone should marvel at the success of it.

We have combined 12 international user groups who whilst maintaining their own national independence have broken down the barriers of language and time to work with a truly global player and deliver a consensus outcome. The great organisation of the United Nations would be jealous of this achievement.

The other significant thing that both parties have done is to bring a challenge to the rest of the software industry. Let’s see if they are brave enough to pick it up…….

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