Another project problem, but what about the successful ones?

An article in ZDNet talks about the devils triangle.  This the relationship between the vendor, customer and 3rd party integrator. These stories always make the headlines because it gets read but for every one that appears there are multiple factors of successful ones which only ever get reported by the vendors leading to scepticism of their worth.

 Another place to go to discover success are the user groups – quietly user groups are massive pools of success that the members recognise and very discreetly utilise that success to breed further success. It never ceases to surprise me how many organisations are too proud to accept they can learn from others. User group membership is exceptional value as those who are current members readily recognise.

The discussion of this piece with IBM DB2 and SAP just goes to show that – numerous organisations use DB2 and SAP and yet this organisation had a problem. Personally I have used many terrabyte DB2 databases for SAP with no major issues other than the normal database maintenance activities such as indexing etc. So why didn’t they consult others? The assumption that the 3rd party integrators know all there is to know about the real life operations is often misguided.

So the moral of the story – make sure you belong to a user group and talk with those that have actually got the T-shirt!

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