SAP puts Standard Support back on the map

Nearly 18 months since SAP removed Standard Support from its ERP offerings – it’s back. Following much discussion with SUGEN SAP has relented and given some choice to its customers……..existing customers that is. If you are a new customer or buy new licences then you will pay the full 22% and contractually get no choice but to have Enterprise support.

If you are an existing customer you have the right to go back from your enforced ES…..but you have to make a choice and it’s not straightforward, because if you go back to standard and then you find you want to go to ES then you will pay the full 22% straight away. So the question is:

Do you need ES and if so do you need it before 2016?

If the answer to this is yes then do the sums and see what adds up best for you.

In the meantime SUGEN will continue to work on the value of SAP  ES through the benchmark program so the expectation is that demonstrable value will be acheived.

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