Sapphire in Frankfurt and Orlando.

I’m off to Frankfurt in a couple of weeks time to take part in the EMEA Sapphire. Interestingly this is at the invitation of SAP to take part as a judge in the annual quality awards, specifically for the Large Enterprise section of the awards, which is a great sign of their renewed customer focus. This is how the awards work. Each SAP region within EMEA area have had their own internal deliberations to present the top organisations from their area and then whittle the number down to 6 finalists. The six finalists then provide written input and then follow that up with a presentation to the panel of judges – from this the judges assess the organisation based on some quality principles to select a gold, silver and bronze award winner. Last night I spent a lot of time reviewing the written input and there is some impressive examples of how to be successful with SAP.  I’m not allowed to share who the finalists are so you’ll have to wait until Sapphire to find that out when the winners will be revealed.

At the same time as Sapphire in Frankfurt there is an equivalent session across the pond in Orlando. At this session there is also a hectic session for SUGEN with several days of work planned – along with the other User Group members our User Group will be represented, continuing to collaborate to deliver more for our members, such as the work on SAP roadmaps.

………………Of course, all this is subject to the vagaries of Icelandic volcanoes!

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