Difficult Work and Tough Decisions

Previously I mentioned that I was on the way to Sapphire at Frankfurt as one of the judges of the SAP EMEA quality awards.  As a group of judges we’ve now agreed our decisions.  It’s actually a really hard job and full of challenges. The main reason for this is that there is some great work going on out there! All the contenders represented great examples of project delivery. When you review the candidates you really get a shiver down your spine through the memories and experiences that you have encountered with your own activities in this area.

The comprehensive schedule of factors to consider all add together to give you a complex set of information to consider. Reviewing all this takes a great deal of time and in my case, also meant taking part in phone calls between the judges on a Public holiday to fit in with the other judges. But from all this work and analysis,  a surprising level of agreement came from the judges.

Now – at this point if you were perhaps expecting an announcement of the winners sadly you are going to be disappointed because you need to wait until Monday afternoon when it will be announced at Sapphire in Frankfurt.

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