Volcano trouble………….

Well, it had to happen. Our unfriendly Icelandic Volcano has prevented me reaching Sapphire – my plane that was scheduled to depart from Manchester tomorrow is cancelled. Tonight I have been talking with people who have got to Frankfurt to make sure all goes well with the Quality award judging tomorrow. It is a great shame as I wanted to meet with the people who have worked so hard to deliver such excellent projects fully worthy of the awards.

I do hope that those that got there don’t struggle to return at the end of Wednesday……and for me there’s always next time (assuming I get invited).

Post Script:

This afternoon I watched the keynote speeched by Sir Richard Branson and Al Gore on the free interactive service. I thought it was very good and perhaps might become the way of working for conferences for the future – it was a necessity for me!  By now the results of the Quality Awards should be public knowledge, but just in case I’m keeping quiet.


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  1. Sorry you couldn’t make it to SAPPHIRE Frankfurt. I’d be happy to hear from you Alan. There might be room for us to work together.

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