A look back at SapphireNow 2010

A few weeks have now passed since SapphireNow took place in both Orlando and Frankfurt. Now that the (volcanic) dust has settled I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what some of the media and analyst feedback was from the event. 

The overall feeling from the majority of commentators was that while SAP may still have not completely regained the trust of its customers following the Enterprise Support saga, SapphireNow did do a lot to reassure customers about the direction of the company and its products.   Commenting on his blog, Ray Wang from Altimeter believed that SapphireNow “raised overall confidence among customers, prospects, partners and influencers”. However, he stated that SAP must now highlight how they will deliver and execute, and when they will meet customer expectations. 

When it came down to the keynotes from the Co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Snabe, the feedback again was quite positive.  Larry Dignan on ZDNet wrote “McDermott laid out a vision and you came away knowing what at least SAP was trying to do.  Snabe definitely brought the meat of the talk.  With McDermott cheering and Snabe outlining the strategy, this leadership arrangement is crazy enough to work.”

There was plenty of discussion about SAP’s planned acquisition of Sybase but there were also several major product announcements during the event. This included the launch of a new version of SAP’s Business ByDesign on-demand suite and its new Business Analytic Engine

There was also news at a user group level during SapphireNow, with the announcement of the BusinessObjects charter, aimed at increasing engagement and collaboration between SAP and SUGEN to better meet the needs of BusinessObjects customers.   The SAP UK & Ireland User Group is fully supporting the charter and can certainly see the benefits it will bring to BusinessObjects users and existing User Group members going forward. 

Ash clouds aside, SapphireNow seems to have been a success. It is now up to SAP to continue the momentum and live up to its promises.