SAP UK & Ireland MD promotes multi-channel software strategy

In the above article  SAP UK & Ireland MD Tim Noble promotes the strategy of what I term “hybrid” solutions. SAP’s Business-by-design product offers perhaps one of the best examples of this if you already run SAP core solutions.  Think of it this way – how many times have you linked things to SAP – the answer is many! And the challenges that you were presented with were a different data dictionary with all the associated field and string differences – on all sides of the fence. Not to mention the differing security aspects, archiving and hardware challenges and so on.  Add to this that in-house focused solutions, if they have a small end-user base are disproportionately costly, then the ability to buy services that link fairly easily to your main investment offers some great possibilities that today, in our ever increasingly financially challenging world, may be the only way forward.

I’m on record as pushing this with SAP because I think it gives SAP users a way of getting more out of the existing investments for less.

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