Making the right support decision

You may have seen the recent announcement from SAP and SUGEN regarding the new Enterprise Support engagement methodology and the creation of a searchable, online repository of customer benefit cases and best practices (   

 As part of SUGEN, the UK & Ireland SAP User Group is pleased to see continued collaboration with SAP regarding its Enterprise Support offering.   For SAP customers in the UK and Ireland the September 30th deadline is fast approaching for them to decide which support option – Standard or Enterprise support – will best meet their organisations’ needs over the next year. 

 As we have said all along, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to support, as different organisations have different support requirements.  So it is therefore important that customers have all the best possible information available to them in order that they can make an informed choice.

 So if you are a SAP user still unsure of which support route to go down, please get in contact with the User Group and we can help put you in the right direction of the information and resources you need.

SAP Co-CEO highlights their point of difference…….

A very insightful article today from Jim Hagemann Snabe highlights SAP’s massive point of difference with the other players in the software world. I think it’s a great offering – on-premise, on-demand, and on-device. It can, and does deliver the whole solution from a single vendor. In isolation this might not seem much, but for those that have used Enterprise solutions in the real world,  the promise this delivers to the business processes both fixed and variable is outstanding. The real world has a myriad of challenges, never more so than today and this offers the promise to resolve both the known and the unknown, or should that be the not yet known.

SAP’s previous experience of business process and the advance with in memory processing, the insight of business objects, the flexible opportunities of Business by Design and the mobility of Sybase – all from one vendor offer significant streamlining of resources with exceptional integration.

And to quote Jim directly, “My pledge to you is that we will accelerate the innovative power of SAP. And we will do so in close cooperation with you, our customers. Together, we can make businesses, people, and the world run better.” So assuming that better includes more efficiently you couldn’t ask for more……..

Australian User Group celebrates 2010 annual conference

 The Australian SAP User Group opened their 2010 Annual Summit in style. Grahame Reynolds, SAUG Chairman went on to assert the groups independence and highlight the great work the group has undertaken in the past year.

SAUG is one of the members of SUGEN and despite its geographic distance from the other user groups plays a very active part in SUGEN programmes.