Day 1…..thoughts #suguki10

We’re quietly happy about our first ever conference start on a Sunday. Good numbers  and some good engagement going on. After an opportunity to look at roadmaps and an saas session delegates had time to meet the exhibiting organisations  (all 75 of them). As ever when you walk round numerous marketing incentives head towards you – my two most interesting ones that I saw were both very practical – a miniature bottle of 10 yr old Scotch Whisky and a great ice scraper (possible snow on the way for the end of the week). I’ll not say where they are – that’s for delegates to search out……….

Had a great chat with some of the exhibitors and I mustn’t forget to mention the SAPmentors stand, go and talk with them, you’ll learn lots of clever stuff.

Also got some quality time to sit and talk with Greg Pike and Tonnie van der Horst – some great work going on there.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Alan – much appreciated. Expecting this to be a fun couple of days

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