SAP in 2011

Looking forward to 2011, several pundits have predictions for the world of SAP.  We have some predictions that SAP’s Business Objects offerings have to step up a gear to match the newer BI vendors that are starting to surface, we have massive interest in the potential of HANA and how SAP will fully deliver that potential.  In these areas I believe that SAP has produced a truly disruptive set of offerings that promise a real shake up of how data is transformed instantly to useable information.  We all need to keep watching this developing area as it starts to change what can be done within our organisations.
Some analysts predict that this is a year where SAP delivers on lots of its promises, in cloud computing with Business-by-Design and HANA and will be focusing on demonstrating and gaining full acceptance of these different ways of working. To make that happen is speculation surrounding potential acquisition in these areas to supplement and speed up that delivery.
The question of Sybase comes up as well, with expectations that the aspirations to connect with the billions of mobile devices out there starts to become reality as the SAP Sybase roadmap starts to roll out.
Will all these views come true? Only SAP knows, but what is certain is that for the first time in several years SAP have a really interesting portfolio of developments rolling off the production line, nearly all of which offer some game changing opportunities. Perhaps this is a result of the increased focus that two CEO’s bring to the party – I hope so as this means even more promise as the months progress.


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