Continuous Improvement: making sure requests don’t enter the void

For a long time, a complaint from SAP users has been the lack of visibility and influence they have in the product development process.

SAP’s Customer Connection program for Continuous Improvement , of which the UK & Ireland User Group is a part, is a big step towards dealing with this issue. The thinking is simple: each quarter, SAP and its user group community will identify four focus topics, from vertical markets to specific functions, under which improvement requests will be collected. This will then provide SAP with more informed insight, whilst also preventing user development requests from disappearing down a black hole. A further benefit will be a reduction in the time that product modifications come to fruition. The aim is for it to only take 9 months from request collection to execution which is a considerable improvement on before!

So what does this mean for User Group members? We’ll be asking you to identify potential improvement requests and nominate “subscribing customers” through our SIGs. There will be a central Idea Place portal, where all participating user groups can post requests. So please, let your SIG chairs know what issues you’d like to see addressed even if they don’t necessarily meet that quarter’s specific topic. The SIG chairs will be in touch with members directly to pool requests, so make sure to get involved.

If you need any further information on the Customer Connection programme then do get in touch with the User Group team.

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