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From last years conference in Manchester 2010, an interview from Dennis Howlett which describes the more strategic activities of the UK & Ireland user group.

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SAP Enterprise Support Open Day 2011

SAP Enterprise Support Open Day 2011

Your UK & Ireland SAP User Group is delighted to support the forthcoming SAP Enterprise Support Open Day on Thursday 8th September 2011 at SAP Clockhouse Place, nr Heathrow.

Book a priority place now and have your say on what you would like to take away from the day.

You will have the chance to meet the SAP Enterprise Support team and gain insights into the value our proactive Support model can add to each stage of your IT solution lifecycle.

Following the success of last year’s open day, SAP are bringing short sessions on a number of support services and their benefits, as well as the latest initiatives in SAP Enterprise Support.

This is a great opportunity to meet other SAP customers, some of who will share their experiences on key business improvements achieved with SAP Enterprise Support.

A team of Support Advisors will be on hand to discuss and answer your questions on a wide range of topics such as SAP Enterprise Support Services, Technical Health Checks, innovation with Enhancement Packages, integration with Business Objects products, Application Lifecycle Management with SAP Solution Manager.

SAP are currently in the process of compiling the Agenda to ensure that the event drives maximum value for you. If you would like to know more about a particular area within SAP Enterprise Support, please let SAP know when you register and they can incorporate your input towards building the agenda for the day.

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More than two thirds of UK SAP users now using ERP 6.0

However, survey reveals that user adoption of SAP BusinessObjects is still slow

 London – 25 July 2011 – New research released today by the UK & Ireland SAP User Group has revealed that more than two thirds of organisations (69%) are now using the latest version of SAP’s core ERP business suite, ERP 6.0, with a further 22% still using the older R3 4.7 platform. However only 7% of SAP users said they were currently using SAP BusinessObjects, showing that SAP still has work to do convincing users to adopt what is now its flagship business intelligence product.

“It is encouraging to see that so many SAP users are moving to ERP 6.0,” said Alan Bowling, chairman of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group. “Here at the User Group we have highlighted the potential benefits of upgrading to ERP 6.0, such as enhanced levels of functionality and support. Indeed, we have seen many users come to us who see the need to upgrade but require advice and support on the best way to migrate. However, the figures also show that there is still a lot of work to be done by both SAP and the User Group to demonstrate to users the potential combined value of using SAP BusinessObjects.”

The survey of UK & Ireland SAP User Group members revealed that ability to network with other SAP users, gain customer access to customer insight and being able to advance their understanding of current SAP products and services continued to be biggest drivers to join the User Group. 78% of respondents also believed that the User Group had the right levels of influence over SAP when it came to getting users’ voices heard.

The research also went on to look at member’s usage of SAP’s current support offerings. Of those surveyed, over two-thirds (67%) are now on the Enterprise Support offering, compared to 11% on the recently re-introduced Standard Support. While the cost of Enterprise Support will rise this year, increasing the gap between the two support options to more than 1%, these figures seem to show that it is currently the favoured option in the majority of organisations.

The research also revealed that SAP has a lot of progress to make in encouraging organisations to create Customer Centres of Expertise (Customer CoE). Only 14% of respondents said they had certification granted by SAP recognising their organisations’ commitment to continuous improvement of SAP operations. The relatively low number of CoEs may be due to a lack of understanding of the benefits and the lack of a clear financial incentive to take part in the certification process.

“It will certainly be interesting to see how many customers stay on Enterprise Support when the next set of price rises comes into effect in the next year. With this in mind we will be making sure our members are provided with all the information they need to make an informed decision about their support requirements. As such we have just run a dedicated support event to help address this,” continued Alan Bowling. “The survey results also highlight that SAP could still be doing a lot more to help educate its users about the benefits of the products and services it offers. It is here we see the User Group providing continued value to organisations, through our Special Interest Groups and annual User Conference, both of which were seen by members as highly beneficial to them.”

The survey questioned 204 SAP user organisations in the UK and Ireland, providing a snapshot of the products and support services that SAP users are currently working with. The UK & Ireland SAPUser Group Conference 2011 is taking place in Birmingham, 20-22 November 2011. For more information, please go to http://www.sapusers.org/conference 2011





About UK & Ireland SAP User Group

The UK & Ireland SAP User Group’s membership is open to users of SAP products in theUKandIreland.  Membership consists of organisations of all sizes and includes some of the largest private companies and significant public sector organisations in theUKandIreland.


If you would like further information regarding the UK & Ireland SAP User Group, please visit http://www.sapusers.org


New Record booking

The news is out – just until the end of the week to claim the earlybird rate for our conference! One organisation has set a new record for attendance with a booking for 24 – yes 24 places – for their staff! They know what value is all about, so get to our website and book your places now.

Just a quick reminder – three keynote speakers confirmed, Timo Elliot one of the original Business Object employees – now an innovator in the world of Business analytics at SAP, Ray Wang an internationally acclaimed IT industry analyst, and Oliver Bussman, CIO at SAP since 2009.

……and shortly to announce a fourth keynote speaker who will underpin the theme for the conference.

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SAP CIO confirmed as Keynote speaker for Annual Conference

I am delighted to announce that Oliver Bussman will be a keynote speaker  at our annual conference in November. Oliver Bussmann is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of SAP and well known for his “SAP runs SAP” campaign and for his deployment of over 1,000 iPads to SAP employees soon after the iPad initial launch.

This is a great opportunity to hear and learn about how SAP embrace SAP, and how internally they now live with innovation, especially in this era of consumerised IT. To book your place before the early bird rate disappears click here.

STOP PRESS: Keep watching as we expect to announce another Keynote speaker that complements our conference theme

Big ROI for BI?

With the Business Intelligence tools market growing by almost 13% in 2010, and generating total revenues of over $4bn in the second half of the year alone, BI vendors might well think that they’re entering something of a golden age (http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110627005197/en/IDCs-Worldwide-Business-Intelligence-Tools-Tracker-Finds). The market doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon: with the Big Data era apparently upon us and the financial climate meaning businesses need to squeeze the last drops of value out of every asset they possess it’s only natural that organisations will keep looking to BI tools to help make the most out of their resources.

At the same time, Big Data means that we will also see the BI market evolve: as well as the front-end tools themselves, organisations will need stronger back-end systems to deal with the huge amount of information required. As a result, we can expect in-memory tools such as SAP’s HANA to add to BI revenues from 2011 onwards.

However, with this growing market there is one statistic that I’d be much more interested in seeing. IDC is just the latest to show us exactly how much is being spent on BI, which is great news for the vendors. However, it would also be useful to see exactly what the return on investment of these tools is. Admittedly it may be more complicated to study, but I believe it makes a crucial difference if organisations can see this.

BI isn’t exactly going away and only very confident (for want of another word) organisations would say they can do without it entirely. Yet at the same time we need to see more information on what exactly we can expect from BI and how soon we will see a return, rather than simply how much we’re spending on it.