SAP TechEd: Game On, or as we’d say, Kicking off.

As yet another not-so-glorious summer rolls away, it’s time to gear up for the excitement of conference season. This year, SAP’s TechEd series of conferences has announced that it’s “Game On ”,  beginning in Las Vegas on September 12th then moving to Bangalore on October 19th, Madrid on November 8th (where User Group representatives will be attending) and culminating in Beijing on November 15th.

Looking at the planned content, there are a range of interesting subjects being addressed.  However, for those unable to attend have no fear: the UK & Ireland SAP User Group Conference from November 20th in the rather more accessible location of Birmingham will contain a lot of the same information and more. For instance, the hands-on sessions and educational programme at TechEd will provide a number of interesting insights into SAP’s technology and how best to use it: sessions that will also take place at the User Group conference. We should also note that
TechEd shows a new and welcome focus on SMEs from SAP, which will be great news for those members of the User Group that want to make the most out of SAP without having the needs or resources of a large enterprise. Again, this year’s Conference will provide plenty of food for thought for these businesses.

There is also an interesting degree of attention being paid to innovation this year. For example, at both SAP’s own TechEd events and at the User Group Conference, the planned InnoJam and Demo Jam sessions should encourage the creativity of SAP, its partners and users. This innovation also moves beyond technology. For example, TechEd Las Vegas also has a (quite appropriate) focus on gamification. For those of us looking to make the most not just of SAP but of the people using it, this should offer a number of interesting perspectives and is sure to be a subject
for discussion in Birmingham.

Regardless of whether User Group members are fortunate enough to attend TechEd or are instead relying on the proven value of the User Group Conference, there are sure to be a number of insights we can all gain from attending and paying close attention, as well as from sharing and digesting those insights in the aftermath of the events themselves. For those of you attending TechEd, enjoy and maybe we’ll see you in Madrid. For others, we look forward to seeing you at the User Group Conference in Birmingham this November.

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