Solution Manager 7.1: Can it be a solution to all life’s ills?

TechEd Las Vegas has seen the launch of SAP Solution Manager 7.1. SAP intends this to be a major step forward for Solution Manager, intending to give us users an improved user experience, optimised performance and documentation of events and, most importantly, failures. Organisations within the User Group that have taken up Solution Manager have seen some great value: 7.1 should do nothing to change this.

Unfortunately, what needs to change is the slow uptake of the product to date. If it remains like this then neither SAP nor we, the users, will ever see Solution Manager’s full potential. If SAP can educate users on the potential that Solution Manager brings, and find ways to dispel the belief that implementation is difficult, then we could see users taking it up en masse. Then, analyst claims that this is a “semi-mature product” would soon be a thing of the past.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the next Application Life-cycle Management Special Interest Group Meeting is only 3 weeks away! This SIG is taking place on Thursday 13th October 2011 at SAP Clockhouse Place, nr Heathrow. This event is focused around the latest version of Solution Manager (7.1) which will shortly be available on general release.

To book your place at this event please follow this link.

The Agenda has been designed to give you a flavour of the new functionality that will soon be available, how to upgrade and the afternoon will focus on one specific area – ‘Technical Operations and System Monitoring with Solution Manager 7.1’. In addition we will be joined by at least one customer who have taken the opportunity to be involved with the Ramp-up of Sol Man 7.1. The content of the day has been built around the feedback we received from the recent webinar, this will be followed up with Solution Manager speakers at the forthcoming conference and the ALM & ALM-Testing SIGS next year.

Clair Walton from SAP will present an Introduction to SAP Solution Manager 7.1. With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 now in unrestricted shipment Clair Walton from SAP UKI will present the highlights and new features of this release.This will include a Q&A session and a guide to where more detailed information on Solution Manager 7.1 will be given at forthcoming user group events.

Andy Lawrence from SAP will deliver Upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.1. Customer’s usage of Solution Manager is varied and ranges from the minimum needs right up to full end-to-end application management and monitoring. With this spectrum of use, it can be difficult to assess what the optimum upgrade approach to Solution Manager 7.1. Andy Lawrence from SAP UKI will provide an overview of the functions affected by this release change and also the methods that need to be used to ensure the new Solution Manager functionality can be adopted smoothly and effectively.

Andy Lawrence will also deliver the presentaion Technical Operations and System Monitoring with Solution Manager 7.1. Solution Manager 7.1 has delivered an entirely new engine to monitor and manage an SAP Landscape. The engine to process alert data and the user interfaces to visualise this data have been built from scratch to deliver an intuitive and responsive monitoring environment that allows a customer to understand at a glance the health of their SAP environments. Andy Lawrence will provide insight into this technology, how it can be deployed easily and then used to streamline operations. He will also demonstrate some of its key capabilities. The session will conclude with an open Q&A.

Paul Williams from Kingfisher Plc will share his experience of SAP Ramp-Up Program. What it is like to participate in an SAP Ramp-Up program? What motivates a customer to do so and what benefits can they expect to realise from this? These are questions many customers can ask themselves when considering this. Paul Williams from Kingfisher plc will provide an overview as to what motivated their participation in the Solution Manager 7.1 Ramp-Up program.They will outline their experience of the program from the support they had from SAP to what they have gained from their participation.

Paul Williams will then speak about Real World Use of SAP Solution Manager Technical Operations. As part of Kingfisher’s participation in Solution Manager 7.1, they deployed the new Technical Monitoring Solution to support the rollout their new Forecast & Replenishment functionality. As this functionality was new to Kingfisher and critical to their business, there was a focus to ensure that technical operations were in place on the right platform from the initial go-live. Paul Williams will share what motivated Kingfisher to use Solution Manager 7.1 for this purpose and the experience they have had in deploying this into their business so far.

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