Here’s a hint of why SAP are focusing on mobile business solutions

Today I came across this story:

It is interesting for several reasons:

1) Mobile technology in the developing nations is helping them leapfrog the stages that the developed nations went through. All the developed nations business solutions have wired infrastructure something that the developing nations don’t possess, but now is no longer holding them back.

2) SAP’s acquisition of Sybase was a very strategic  purchase, they have the business awareness of how mobile can deliver value, and they know where the growing markets are.

3) SAP are taking consumerised technology and adapting it to the business place – for full business processes, not just personal usage.

I fully expect a large number of mobile business applications to start rolling off the production line from SAP now – and I’m looking forward to see  how they are marketed. SAP’s own application store or from the device manufacturers?

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