Just 2 days to go

This Sunday sees the start of our 2011 conference and everything seems to be going to plan…….lets hope that I havent spoilt things by saying that! Personally I’m really excited about meeting some of our keynote speakers, especially Steve Cram as I vividly remember sitting around the TV watching the epic battles between the three British 1500m runners of the time. I’m equally excited about meeting Oliver Bussman who as a fellow senior IT leader has been confronted with all the same challenges that we all have in the ERP world. Meeting Timo Elliot will also be something to look forward to, after folowing Timo’s personal website and blog for a few months I can’t wait to hear first hand his views around business analytics. Ray Wang who also speaks is a firm favourite of the User Group and personally from my view is an all round great guy, if there is a piano in the bar area of the metropole ask him to play as he is a first class pianist.

So I’m looking forward to meeting these guys, but most of all meeting our members – feel free to stop me and have a chat at the conference, I’m always open to how we can strive for more for our members.

PS If you have a last minute urge to attend – try the booking site or contact the user group direct, there may be an opportunity to still arrive.

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