Day 1 – Sunday afternoon and evening

A good attendance today – with most people seemingly enjoying the evening networking session. Before that we had several general sessions around what’s new in SAP areas and also some focused sessions on some SAP initiatives such as Customer Connection.

The highlight for me however was the Demojam session where some interesting sessions included a pantomime, a police officer, boxes of apples and augmented reality.  The winner of this was Intellicorp who, and I still don’t really know how, turned transport management and change control, coupled with test management into a fairy tale…….perhaps it was, all I know is that the audience were transfixed by Intellicorp staff taking this to a new level. A fun event before the more serious activities that start tomorrow.

The evening  was well attended and people were spending serious time with the 85 exhibitors – minus the SAP mentors who were suffering the age-old challenge of being a volunteer, personal and business commitments ( in UG world we all know about this!).


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