A busy week for SAP, but what about users?

SAP has had a busy week: as well as further extending its acquisition offer for SuccessFactors, it’s made a brace of product announcements. Firstly it made public the latest round of innovations for SAP Business Suite. Then came the revelation that SMEs would also gain analytics applications powered by HANA.

Both of these announcements are, of course, welcome news for SAP users. The Business Suite improvements, in particular, are a boon for those using the software in the wake of SAP’s previously announced commitment to extending its lifespan. If this level of updates can be kept up throughout, then we’ll have a capable piece of software to work with for some time to come. By making these upgrades integrate seamlessly with existing Business Suite implementations SAP is making life much easier for customers.

Of course, from last November we already knew the potential of HANA. SAP and other organisations have hardly been shy in announcing that Big Data, and so the in-memory computing needed to successfully deal with it, is increasingly the future of IT. However, by adding applications for SMEs SAP is making sure that everyone can benefit, rather than running the risk of splitting the world into technology haves and have-nots. It will certainly be interesting to see how SMEs adapt to the world of Big Data moving forward.

For more conversation on SMEs and HANA, we’ll be discussing the subject at the next SAP Business One SIG on February 22nd.

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