SAP Successfully Succeeds in SuccessFactors Offer: What’s Next?

It seems that SAP’s acquisition plans are moving ahead: last week its offer for SuccessFactors was accepted in full.  As a result, and as mentioned previously, we should expect to see SAP’s cloud credentials rise.

Of course, there has already been reaction to this “new transatlantic special relationship”. While there is still work to be done in integrating SuccessFactors into SAP, we should be optimistic about what this might mean for us as users.

SuccessFactors’ CEO Lars Dalgaard has certainly put out a positive message, calling it an “opportunity of a lifetime”. His belief that SAP will “turbocharge” the business is certainly excellent news if true: not just for SucccessFactors and SAP, but for us SAP users who will be able to take advantage of new capabilities.

Admittedly, others have been a little more cynical, pointing out that now that the deal is out of the way the real hard work will begin. While this may be true, it should still be well within the capabilities of SAP and SuccessFactors to turn this into a benefit for everyone.

For our side, the best advice for users is still to wait and see exactly what effect the deal with have on us. Who knows, in time we may well be inviting SuccessFactors customers into the SAP User Group fold!

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