Latest Conference News

There are some cracking early bird deals for our annual conference – as we get closer to the conference things start to cost us more, so these are not to be repeated deals, only available if you book early saving up to £300 per person. Remember also that the reward for speaking at the conference is a free pass to the event as well as paid for accommodation.

This year we have two additional features for the mainstream of the event – firstly a DemoJam in front of everybody, a truly entertaining, learning and at times bizarre experience where last year’s winners will be trying to retain their trophy. Secondly we have something different to end the conference – the 80 minute MBA, a chance to come away from this conference with the knowledge on issues ranging from communication to finance, and from marketing to strategy. Find out whether charisma is an essential leadership ingredient, how to coach, and why execution is so much more important than strategy. Learn to transform your business in just 80 minutes!

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