Cutting through the technology hype

Gartner’s recently released Hype Cycle report noted that the bubble of expectations around cloud computing has finally burst. Expectations around Big Data, however, are on the up.  From the perspective of an SAP user such predictions are ‘interesting’ considering the investment the company has made in both areas over the last 12-18 months.

While the Gartner report signals that cloud may have lost some of its lustre, this is probably more of an indication of greater realism.  While cloud computing clearly offers some exciting possibilities it does still present a number of challenges when it comes to things like compliance and application customisation.  As I have mentioned in the past, I think certainly for the foreseeable future we will see many organisations implement a hybrid model, whereby vendors such as SAP will supply both on-premise and cloud solutions.  This approach can reduce integration issues and also means organisations don’t have to put business-critical processes in the cloud if they felt it was too risky.

It makes sense that Big Data is on the up in Gartner’s Hype Cycle with CIO expectations around its potential growing fast.   Certainly SAP is addressing this as it is vigorously driving HANA adoption and the development of compatible applications, which means that businesses of all sizes, can take advantage of incredibly swift information analysis. This is already becoming a disruptive technology for industry sectors such as utilities or finance where huge amounts of data are being generated. The potential elsewhere is also huge if you believe industry commentators.

Here at the User Group we always encourage organisations to really cut through the hype surrounding new technologies and services. Reports from the likes of Gartner can help, but every organisation is different. It’s always wisest to make a really thorough evaluation of your business needs and capabilities before taking the plunge implementing a complex and costly project.  For the latest information on cloud, Big Data and beyond make sure you are signed up for our latest SIGs and our User Conference in November.