A retired user of SAP (for over 20 years) and still continuing to actively support the thousands of users within the UK & Ireland.

I’ve installed it, implemented it, upgraded it, gone from client-server to SOA, examined the cloud and spoken heavily about it across the world.

I’ve been responsible for it across multiple sites, and countries, using multiple modules, products and add ons.

And as well as SAP, I’ve been responsible for Global Knowledge solutions, Global integrated call centre solutions, mainframes, and bespoke solutions.

I’ve also been responsible for the teams that do the work ,and working with them have achieved Global SAP Competency Centre of the Month, Advanced Customer Centre of Expertise and best RFID integration project in Europe.


I’ve also been responsible for the full IS operation.

And last…. but not least I believe that SAP it is one of the most robust and reliable examples of software on the market today.

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