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Enterprise Support: 30/04/09 ‘Groundbreaking’ agreement on SAP maintenance a win for SAP customers 30/04/09 Customers show SAP who’s boss over support price hike

Computer worlddUK 29/04/09 SAP and SUGEN make progress on Enterprise Support

Computerweekly 29/04/09 SAP revamps Enterprise Support Ts&Cs Good summary and largely accurate account of the Enterprise Support position.

Computer Weekly 21/11/08 SAP agreement signals shifts in software industry

Computer Weekly 11/11/08 SAP Enterprise Support prices will be linked to performance

Computer Weekly 10/11/08 SAP User Group tackles dissatisfaction over support plan

CIO 11/11/08  SAP users unconvinced by promise of extra value from support

Computer Weekly 07/10/08 SAP feels the credit crunch 06/10/08 SAP users disrupt conference over support costs

Register 28/7/08 SAP defends forced price hike against user anger

ZDNet 25/7/08  SAP users angry at 30 percent price rise

Computer Weekly Piece about the benefits of network traffic control and ERP systems. About the relevance of SOA in difficult times
Computerworld UKSAP and Business by Design

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