Update iOS 11 and Office 365…….don’t update yet!

STOP PRESS: Beware iOS 11 if you use Office 365 ……..there is serious bug with it. It’s being worked at the moment but companies are advising staff to not update to 11 until it is fixed.


iPhone X….yes or no?

So to be clear, I’m not an Apple worshipper. I’m an iPad owner and think it’s great but I’ve never had an iPhone. Largely because I was one of those heretics that loved his Blackberry, and keyboard. And when Blackberry was swamped by the consumer commercialisation of Android and iOS to the extent that they lost nearly all their market share, I moved to Android. And actually I quite like Android. Even more so with the phones that Huawei were making at an extremely competitive price, with stacks of features that often exceeded some of the Samsung offerings.

So I was intrigued at what the iPhone X could bring to the market that would rival the original iPhone introduced 10 years ago (yes, it really is that long ago).

But I’m disappointed…..a depth sensing camera (which allows facial recognition), an all glass case (for wireless charging), a larger screen area and no home button. It looks good but is it worth $999? Or £999 in UK (can someone explain why it costs 30% more in the UK?). I’m not sure.

I am sure that Apple fans will rave about it, but apart from aesthetic virtues I can’t see the extra value and it sure doesn’t disrupt the market like the original did……but then I’m quite likely at the end of my current contract to move to a SIM only contract and not refresh my phone as it does everything I want, but maybe that’s just me.


Riding the mobile wave

SAP clearly has had enterprise mobility at the forefront of its plans with a range of announcements in the last few weeks promoting SAP as a tool for the mobile enterprise.

SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann recently stated that about 50% of tablets and 30% of all smartphones are already used for business purposes, and certainly the ability to use SAP applications whilst on the move is becoming increasingly attractive for a number of organisations.

With enterprises mobilising more key business functions and allowing employees to work at any time and from anywhere via mobile devices, managing and securing these environments has never been more critical. It is therefore welcome news to hear that SAP has unveiled a partnership with Samsung to make its Android devices safer to use as corporate tools. The Samsung partnership will support secure use of SAP business applications on Samsung mobile devices to help promote crucial enterprise mobility.

Aligned to this, SAP has also announced updates to its Afaria mobile systems management tool to help organisations better manage the increasing number of mobile devices their employees are bringing into the enterprise. The Afaria update alongside the Samsung partnership shows that SAP is looking to ride the tide of consumerisaton, and provide an increasingly consumer-like mobile experience.

Of course here at the User Group we’ll keep you informed of the all the latest SAP mobility news, so please regularly check out our website and  follow us on Twitter (@SapUserGroup).


Mobile App for Conference available now

This year we have a new mobile app available for most platforms …… and it’s free. Check out who is speaking, the exhibitors, maps and layouts for the conference, create your own agenda and get instant access to the UG official news, twitter, flickr and youtube feeds.  If you are attending you will be able to link up and message attendees and exhibitors as well as benefit from broadcasts during the event.

So if you are going – get the app now and prepare. If you are not get it now and see what you are missing!

Click here to get it – FREE



Will anything stop the march of mobile? And would we want it to?

Recently we’ve seen a great amount of news focused on the world of mobiles. While the launch of the iPhone 4S has attracted a lot of attention, yet more has been paid to the troubled iOS5 update and, above all, BlackBerry’s two quite disastrous outages. However, to me what this proves more than anything is the growing importance of mobility to today’s workforce. Even just a few years ago, outages such as these would have been an irritation to businesses: now they could be catastrophic.

As today’s workforce becomes increasingly mobile, so companies such as SAP are recognising that their customers need to access applications on the move.  Over the last 12 months SAP and its partners have started to release a number of mobile solutions, so that workers can access SAP on the go. Of course it is important for organisations to still be able to access on-premise systems : after all, what happens if the mobile network goes down as so extensively demonstrated by BlackBerry? Ultimately the ideal strategy for most organisations will be to support their workforce with a  combination of on-premise, on-demand and on-device applications.

One source of more information for those considering or using mobile SAP apps is this year’s UK & Ireland SAP User Group conference in Birmingham, where we’ll again be running a dedicated stream on mobile. For more information, don’t hesitate to visit http://www.sapusers.org/conference2011/ and keep an eye out for our soon to be released  User Group conference mobile app.

User Group to unveil Conference App for Smartphones and Ipad.

Our user group is all about networking, and for our conference we are going to take this to a new level. New this year will be an app for Iphone, BlackBerry and android smartphones and also for Ipad. As well as helping attendees network, you’ll be able to plan your time and find your way around the conference venue.

Available free and only to attendees – keep watching for further details.

Only 7 weeks to go to our 2011 conference

With only 7 weeks to go we are ahead of last year in terms of delegate numbers, and already have over 75 exhibitors booked to attend, with several others finalising their plans. If you haven’t yet booked – you need to do so quickly to take advantage of the last early bird rate.

When you book you will be joining organisations representing all sectors within the UK & Ireland. Join  Utility companies including Anglian Water, British Gas, E-On, EDF Energy, National Grid, Scottish Power, Thames Water, United Utilities and Yorkshire Water.Mix with retailers including Boots, Halfords, Home Retail Group, Lloyds Pharmacy, and confer with manufacturers including Apple, AstraZeneca, Bentley Motors, Diageo, Jaguar Landrover, Kellogs, Nestle, Premier Foods, Rolls Royce, and Warburtons. Learn alongside City University London, London Metropolitan University, Newcastle University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Leicester, University of Warwick, and discuss with Public Sector including British Council, Derbyshire County Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Southwark Council, Staffordshire County Council, Surrey County Council, Welsh Assembly, and Worcestershire County Council.

These are just a small selection of some of the great organisations attending our conference this year – there are many more! Too many to mention.

This year we have made linking up easier than ever before – all attendees will have the opportunity to download an app that will run on iphones, blackberries or android smartphones and make contact with their peers to network better than ever before. You’ll also be able to plan your time over the three days.

Don’t miss out book your place here.